The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: Isaac Harris And Max Blanck

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The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire is often said to be one of the most historically changing incidents in job history. Before the reforms created in result of the fire, the working conditions at the Shirtwaist factory and the like were treacherous. The women worked on floors 8 and 9 of the building, and got to those floors in a wooden elevator. You were expected to work a 14 hour day with a pay of $2. Speed mattered the most, and mistakes cost you in the form of docking from your pay. There was no stopping for the bathroom or for a drink, just continuous work. The owners of this company that was so dangerous were Isaac Harris and Max Blanck. These men feared the consequences of a union within their factory walls, and were very insistent that no …show more content…

They saw themselves as benefactors for the poor, and if the poor complained, they were biting the hand that fed them. Harris and Blanck paid police officers, prostitutes, and bodyguards to do as much damage as possible to the Shirtwaist employees. Anne Morgan, a daughter of a rich businessman, took up the Shirtwaist workers cause and helped them fight for fairer wages and hours. When Harris and Blanck realized that sales were dropping from the lack of shirts being made, they offered a deal to the workers: shorter hours and more pay, but no union. The workers did not like this request and turned it down, causing Morgan to leave their efforts, saying she wasn’t for the socialist cause. Eventually, the employees realized they would not win the battle, and returned to work. The founders of this company were selfish in their actions, only stopping to help it’s employees when they started to lack personal gain. After going back to work, a cigarette, still lit, was dropped onto the workroom floor of the 8th floor. The loose fabric and wicker baskets quickly wicked this up, creating a deadly fire. The stairwell was locked, and no one had the key to open

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