How Did The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Benefit America?

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Despite the death and destruction it caused, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire ultimately benefited America by opening the eyes of mistreated factory workers and inspiring them to fight for better working conditions. Though it was unbeknownst at the time, the fire would inspire mistreated workers to rise out of the ashes and work tirelessly not for a factory, but for their own wellbeing. The history, the fire, and the trial that are all connected to the Triangle Shirtwaist Company are the events that led to the exploration for better working conditions. While we may not wish to remember all of the suffering the conflagration caused, we see its imprint it left on society whenever we see someone at work. This just imprint is one of safety. This imprint is the branded marking of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. …show more content…

Constructed in 1901, the then called Asch Building, was an ideal spot for running a company (Timeline). Two men by the names of Max Blanck and Isaac Harris purchased the building. The two men were notorious for being anti-union supporters who refused to comply with any union worker's demands (Drehle 62). Harris and Blanck managed to keep from getting into trouble by the hands of restless union workers and rented out the ten floors to numerous businesses. The top three floors would become the working place for the Triangle Shirtwaist Company employees. The workers, who were mainly young female immigrants that spoke little to no English, manufactured a popular article of clothing known as a Shirtwaist which was a fitted blouse with puffy sleeves(Triangle Shirtwaist

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