Pros And Cons Of Shirtwaist Factory Fire

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Trapped Inside the Blaze On “March 25, 1911 one of the deadliest industrial disasters” in US history took place in New York City (Wiki paragraph 1). The fire caused 146 deaths and many more injuries of the workers in the Asch building. It took place on the eighth, ninth, and tenth floors. Many of the workers who couldn’t escape the blaze decided to jump of the building to their deaths so their bodies could be recognized. All of this most likely happened because “a cutter flicked a hot ash or tossed a live cigarette butt into a scrap bin” of flammable shirtwaist(Albert Marrin paragraph 8) . Dangers There was so much flammable material in the shirtwaist factory that a cigarette butt led to the death of over hundred. Not only was the shirtwaist
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