How Did The Impact Of The Triangle Factory Fire

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My question for this essay is how did the fire impact the people that got out. The triangle factory fire was a very tragic fire. There was not very many people that lived in the building. 146 of them were left to die because they could not find a way out. The building was highly flammable and not very safe for people to be in. If there was fire there which nobody thought there was going to be one they could not stop the fire because the fire hose was not connected to the water. This is a little backstory on when Rose was little. She was born on March 27th 1893 in a small town north of vienna. Her family ran a profitable business importing and exporting dried foods. After her father went to New York and fell in love with it there family began spending more and more time in the United States. Then they emigrating in 1909. The reason why I ask this question is because nobody really knows how it impacted the people that got out. One of them that got out is Rose Freedman. Rose was one the last survivors of the Triangle Factory Fire. “She was two days shy of being 18 when this happened.” Now I am going to be telling how her life was after the fire. …show more content…

After her husband died she went to go work for three children and two of them had polio so she lied about her age and she worked their until she was 79 years old. Mrs. Freedman's involvement with the fire never left her consciousness. She always expressed rage that the factory doors where locked, either to keep workers at their machines or to prevent them from stealing scraps of cloth. She always told of how one of the owners tried to bribe that the doors were not locked.Also on that day she remembered “Girls in the shirtwaists, which were aflame, went flying out of the building so you literally saw girls ablaze flying out the window.” Rose saw the owners face and was filled with

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