Summary Of Albert Marrin's Flesh And Blood So Cheap

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In Albert Marrin’s excerpt, Flesh and Blood So Cheap, the Triangle Fire was a real tragedy of 146 people (mostly immigrant women) who died from jumping off the factory building, burning, or suffocating from the fire in the building. In this excerpt, Marrin uses explicit and implicit meanings to express that this tragedy was started by the little value of human life and lack of safety standards. For instance, sweatshop conditions were dangerous for workers in the early 1900s. As well as terrible conditions, no one was prepared whatsoever for this disastrous fire to happen. Even the firefighters were not organized or ready either! These two statements express how the owners were really at fault for this situation. The explicit meanings of Albert Marrin’s excerpt state that the lives of the factory workers did not matter and were not cared about by the owners, the fire department, and the building owner. “Holocaust” was used as the subtitle for the chapter itself. Holocaust means “ extensive loss of life, especially through fire and also sacrifice consumed by fire,” Ana claimed from the StudySync TV video. The meaning of holocaust states that the immigrant women were sacrificed by the owners. In addition to the meaning of holocaust, firefighters used aerial ladders and ten-foot square nets that did not help whatsoever. In paragraph 12 it declares, “...sturdy ten-foot square nets made of rope. It was useless. A person falling from the ninth floor struck with a force equal

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