Great Chicago Fire Dbq

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Did you ever know about The Great Chicago Fire Of1876? There are a lot of important facts, causes, and things aboutthe 1800 's lifestyle. It was a very bad night in history thatnight of The Great Chicago Fire Of 1876.To begin with, this is important facts about TheGreat Chicago Fire. According to the text the fire could ofstarted by a cow kicking over a lantern in a barn. To go with theO 'Leary legend, people found cowbells. They could of been fromanother cow but that makes sense. People were smoking in the barnalso. They could of dropped one or lit something on fire. Firemenwere exhausted and they did not even put the fire out. The firemen put out a fire the day before also. The fire did stop on it 'sown some how.In addition, there are many
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