The Great Fire Of 1910 Essay

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During the 1910s, there were many exciting and terrifying events. In 1910, a horrible inferno called the Great Fire of 1910 broke out and destroyed a couple million acres of forest. With the Great Fire, one of the heroic firefighters, Edward Pulaski, saved almost all of his crew except The 1910s also had music. Bluegrass, jazz, and scat with many other genres. The Great Fire of 1910, Edward Pulaski, and Music Impacted the culture of the United States because of the new rules and plans for fire safety, act of heroism and saving people, and all the jobs for people. On August 21, 1910, at four pm, a massive forest fire broke out. This Great Fire of 1910, also known as the Big Blowup, spread from Wallace, Idaho to western Montana and into a little bit of Washington. The Great Fire of 1910 lasted for two days and spread from hurricane winds that shot trees up like flying torpedos ( 4 …show more content…

The most popular music types were bluegrass, scat and jazz ( Hooper ). Bluegrass is music that explains how culture impacted America. Scat is a way that humans use their mouth to make instrumental sounds. Jazz is a type of music that is relaxing to some and is played with a saxophone. The difference between bluegrass, scat, and jazz is that each song tells a different story. Music was mostly listened to by soldiers in World War I ( Hooper ). For example, some songs that soldiers listened to were, “Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag”, “Keep the Home Fires Burning”, and “Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning” ( Hooper). Music was mostly essential for teenagers and dancing events ( Barrett). Music changed the life of people and bluegrass, scat, and jazz produced more genres of music like pop, country, classic, and instrumental ( Feinstein ). In addition, music impacted the culture of the United States in the 1910s by giving people more jobs like a producer, singer, songwriter, etc. and making singer and songwriters

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