The Great Chicago Fire In The 1800's

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Did you ever learn about the tragedy known as the Great Chicago Fire?There are many important facts, theories of causes, and differentlifestyles back in the 1800 's than today.First of all, life in the 1800 's was very different than life today.Back then kids had a lot more responsibilities than we do today.Boysbetween the age of 8-10 worked on farms while boys age 8-10 today playthe game farms.Girls age 8-10 made candles, and wove clothes while girlsage 8-10 today smell candles and put clothes on toy dolls. Theresponsibilities kids have today is cleaning their rooms,or making theirbed.Next, there are a lot of facts but here are a few. Before the fire therewas smoking in the barn. Many people think that was the cause but manyother people didn

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