Changes In America In The Late 1800s

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Everyone has experienced change at least once in his or her lifetime. Weather it is the change in your appearance, in order, or even a change in environment. In the early 1800’s America experienced many changes such as labor, lifestyle, and communication because of these exact changes America has grown-up to become greater than ever. Firstly, labor; it was the blood, sweat, and the many tears were what made America. During this time, America was just beginning to build its foundation of what would become a great nation. People from all across the globe were traveling by the thousands to the north seeking job opportunities, but the first group to arrive in the north were mostly American southerners. This was because after the Civil War that took place in 1861. Many …show more content…

An example of the type work people had to do on a daily basis was Ford Motor Company’s Factories in Document 5 .Which was a company that focused on mass production and assembly lines 24/7. Factory work was the most popular type of work at that time especially, for the Captains of Industry at that time, which were Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Morgan, and Carnegie (Including ford) who were all in control of the Industrial period and how successful it was. However, many people at that did not believe that at that time, because of the long hours and poor working conditions. People then started to realize that they becoming more and more like a machine instead of human being. Document 7 even states, “he lives to work instead of working to live.” Which began the union strikes in the late 1800 and according to Docment1, “the size of the union went from 400 to 2000 people in the year 1899” all wanting the same thing, more time. “The union pacifically protested eight-hour workdays instead of the average twenty- four,” according to Document 6 it was even called one goal. Eventually, the goal was reached and people finally began to live their

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