A Crime Of Compassion By Barbara Huttman

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Barbara Huttman’s “A Crime of Compassion” is an excerpt from her book about her true stories as a nurse. In this excerpt, she is stating what happened when she was on the Phil Donahue show. When she was on the show, she was talking about how she had let a patient go, and someone shouted from the audience. That person shouted “Murderer” and she wrote this saying what had happened during the patient's lifetime and why she let him go, The person in the crowd who shouted; I don’t agree with him. Barbara Huttman is not a murderer. In the excerpt it says ‘“Mercy . . . for God's sake, please just let me go.”’ This is the patient saying he wants to pass; he wants to stop suffering. Barbara was doing what he wanted. It is understandable that

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