Personal Narrative: A Hero's Journey

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Hero’s Journey Narative Dreams, dreams, dreams a concept that people still cannot understand yet encounter every time they close their eyes with their warm grasp of their cotton blanket and count Mary’s little lambs. Soon, they drift off to deep slumber like how a bear sleeps during hibernation and dream of various things. Some may dream of sweets and happiness, some may dream of gold and wealth, and some others have ‘special dreams’ and our hero is one of them. Our soon to be hero sleeps in her small yet comfortable bed with her dog by her side snoring softly. The hero dreams of a nightmare filled with clouds of smog and flames consuming a town whole and as the flames burned and burned, cries and prayers of the villagers could be heard from…show more content…
‘Good morning Nala.’ Said the half-awake hero as she softly patted Nala’s forehead. After a few minuets of the exchange of pets and licking, Nala leaves the small bedroom though the small gap the unclosed door provides. As Nala left the room, the wooden door’s gap widened in size. A woman wearing a worn out white apron with short, wavy brunette hair comes to the room. ‘’ Good morning and Happy Birthday Michelle!’’ said Gleefully and happily said the mother bearing a great shiny smile as she went to kiss Michelle’s cheek. ‘’You’re finally old enough to work with your father in the forge!’’ the mother now about to leave the room. Before she could go past the door frame holding the bedroom door, she says, ‘’ Also, your friend is waiting for you outside.’’ And closes the door making Michelle now the only one in her unorganized…show more content…
‘Well that’s good to hear.’ Said Jake now taking a bite from the Crimson red apple he holds loosely on his hands. ‘How is your mother, is she doing ok?’ said Michelle ‘She is doing quite fine frankly, how is yours?’ Jake sighed ‘She is doing well, great actually.’ Said Michelle. ‘Oh, well that’s great news.’ Said Jake now looking at his apple. ‘Is something wrong?’ said Michelle questioning Jake. ‘It’s no-‘’ Before Jake could finish his sentence, the Catholic church bells far off from Michelle’s home dings summoning followers to their religious sanctuary. Jake and Michelle wait for a few moments till the ringing stops to continue talking. ‘Well, it seems like it’s time for us to part ways for now.’ Said Michelle. Jake doesn’t respond as he starts to walk on the lightened dirt and soon reach the church. After a few minutes of Jake leaving, Michelle starts to walk on the lightened dirt to reach further inside the small town. After a minute of walking, Michelle starts to view the vivid spring flowers that were blooming right beside her feet and the beautiful Butterflies lay on the soft, fragile petals of the spring flowers. Michelle couldn’t help but to pick a flower from the ground to show her father the beauty and life of the spring flowers. As she continued walked along the paved dirt road, she now starts to look at the nearby houses. They were identical to her house in almost every aspect; the type of wood the

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