The Hero's Challenger-Personal Narrative

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Well today my friends and I was issued a challenge, by a mysterious challenger. No one at my table was going to take the challenge , but I spoke up at the last moment. It was me.. All the challenge was to cut off his head and if he survived, he could do the same to you. Of course it was random but I didn’t want to seem weak in front of my friends. I chopped his head off with a single swipe and I and his head fell off. I laughed a little bit after it.. but that all changed when he leaned over and picked his head back up after it being off his ..body. I was terrified because I know my fate was sealed at that moment. He said to meet me at the green chapel in a years time and one day. I set out for my adventure after saying my good byes. I just rode straight not knowing where to go …show more content…

All the lord said was to share whatever I was given with him, and he’ll do the same. That night his wife came into my bedroom and tried to seduce me. I told her no kindly and she went away. The next day after we feasted again and then the lord went to hunt once again that night. Later that night the lords wife came back into my room and kissed me on the cheek I pushed her away. Later that day instead of telling the lord of what happened I just kissed him on the cheek he seemed surprised but didn’t say anything odd. Later that night she came into my room and tried to but more aggressively and once again i rejected her. Instead of leaving she said wear this because it will protect you. That day before I set off I didnt tell the lord about my necklace because I didn’t want him to know my fate was sealed. That evening I reached the chapel where I accepted fate and let the green knight do his worse. He swing 3 times at me missing twice and just nicking my neck on the third… The knight reveled himself and it was the lord and he accepted me and held the knights of author respectable and told me that I was tested. He re-invited me back but I went home because I

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