The Addams Generation: Chapter Summary

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The Addams Generation

Chapter one
In 1754-1763 Mary Adams and her husband John Adams were going to have a baby,but they were very worried because John was going to fight Britain.John was going to fight Britain because Britain was trying to rule america.Then two years later it was time for war and by two years Anna was born.Anna was worried because her father was going to be gone for months .Mary was worried because john didn’t come home in three months.

Chapter two Then mary found out that John passed away .when Mary found out that John passed away she was devastated.When Mary heard what happened to John she was crying.When Mary was crying Anna came out.Anna was curious because her mother was crying”Mommy are you okay” said Anna.Mary did …show more content…

‘’Honey I mean your father is gone forever’’ said Mary.’’Mommy why does it have to be like this’’said Anna.’’It just has to be like this’’ said Mary
Chapter four
19 years later Anna was 21 and Mary was 50 years old.I forgot Mary was re-married to George Merilan.The next day Anna came home because she wanted to tell her mother that James purposed to Anna.’’Mother I’m home’’said Anna. ‘’Ahhhhhh’’ screamed Anna.During that time it was 1784.

Chapter five
Anna was screaming on the top of her lungs because she found her mother lying on the floor bleeding.’’Mother who did this to you’’ said Anna. A british soldier who killed your father’’ said Mary.Then Mary took her last breath and passed away. Anna was sobbing because her mother died like her …show more content…

when Anna Adams had Jane Adams she was very happy like her mother.Then 5 years later passed and by 5 years later Jane was 5 years old. Jane was born November 11,1794. James passed away because he was very ill.

Chapter eight
6 years later Jane was 11 years old in 1800.Anna was very happy with her family.Anna went to buy some food for her and Jane.Then Anna saw the man that killed her family.Anna thought of attacking him but Anna didn’t want to get arrested for attacking a man.

Chapter nine
When Anna saw the man who killed her family.Anna panicked because that man was not a british soldier.When Anna came home she locked all the doors. When Jane heard her mother locking up she came out and asked her mother what happened.Anna told Jane the whole story

Chapter ten
21 one years later passed by and the year was 1821 and by 21 years Jane was 32b with 3 children. Anna was 62 years old when Jane turned 32 just last month. Jane said she had the best life with her three children and her mother.Jane was very glad that her mother was alive because they caught the man who had John in hostage.Anna did not know John was still alive and John remembered Mary and Anna.


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