Conflict And Family Conflict: Different Types Of Conflict

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Conflict is a disagreement between two or more parties. Various conflicts at the family level arise due to inability to comprehend and empathize with one another needs and vulnerabilities. Many families involved in conflicts do not seek help instead they abuse one another and even ending up hurting one another; they end up breaking up the family. The following is example of conflict involving personal relationship encountered recently-; Jane, a mother of two, is married to James, a businessman. James finds a business deal far away from home, and he leaves his family to handle the business. Days become weeks, and weeks become months and months turn to years, James does not come home. He neither calls nor visits his family. Jane assumes that his husband died and she marries one of his close friends. Four years later, James returns. He is surprised to find his house demolished, his family missing and his land under some else’s supervision. James goes to ask his mother about the situation, and she is so surprised to see him she even faints. He does not understand why his mother faints after seeing him, so he rushes her to the hospital. At the hospital he gets the news that his wife remarried, his land was sold, and people thought that he was dead. James is so agitated, and he rushes to find his wife. He is filled with rage when he finds his wife carrying a toddler, three years of age whom he assumed was the son she bore with his friend. As if that
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