Internal And External Conflict In Eragon

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A conflict is a serious disagreement or argument about something important. Most stories are based around conflict. There are two types of conflict: internal and external. Internal conflict is a character versus him or herself. External conflict is a character versus anything outside him or herself. The purpose of conflict is to keep the plot moving forward. In the book Eragon, the main character faces lots of internal and external conflict. Types of conflict the main character faces are person versus self, person versus person, person versus nature, and person versus allies. The first type of conflict the main character, Eragon, faces is internal conflict, person versus self. Countless numbers of times throughout the story, Eragon battles …show more content…

People commonly act out of emotion and not thought. “Unwittingly, like partners in a marriage that has soured, many people are challenged to look beyond their own immediate interests,” states Bernard Golden, Ph.D. An example of person versus self conflict is when Eragon visits Yazuac. While visiting, he suspects people are following him, so he turns into an alleyway. It turned out to be a dead end, and he trapped himself, like a scared rabbit going to the first hole they find. His inexperience gets him into tough situations. Like Eragon, many teens inexperience end up leading to a bad day. Studies show that inexperience is the leading cause to teen car accidents. An example of person versus self, Eragon’s inexperience, shows in his escape from Gil’ead. While under the influence of unknown drugs, which slowed down his thinking tremendously, …show more content…

Person versus nature can be found consistently throughout the story. An example of this conflict, is the first time Eragon visited the place in the forest, where he found Saphira’s egg. While he was walking through the forest, a root, which seemed to Eragon like it grew in front of him, tripped him, and caused him to break his wrist. This injury was the best thing, and worst thing that happened to Eragon. He was hardly able to function with his intact hand at first, but within 2 weeks, he was able to use his left hand as well as his right. This assisted him physically through fights, barriers, and other things throughout the story .”Pain is temporary – The pain you feel today is only to get strength to face tomorrow,” states Sivaprakash Sidhu, explaining that pain can bring strength. Another example of the conflict, person versus nature, is Eragon being a rider. Being a rider physically alters his body and mind, and almost bringing him close to death. Because he is a rider, he can now use magic, at the expense of his energy. The first spell he ever cast, he almost died from using too much energy. The final example of person versus nature is the scar on his back, from the battle with Durza. The scar on his back, said to be the size of a knotted rope, caused him to have frequent seizures. The next, and final conflict is person versus

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