My Hero's Journey: A Short Story

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Why? Why was I cursed to live this life of rage and pain? Why did our ancestor cause us to be cursed with generations of life-liquid thirsty pain and rage filled lives? Why does one man’s actions define a generation to follow? We weren’t even given a chance to be different from him. Our fate was sealed even before we were conceived. We were all destined to be the same as him. The only difference is that each one of us more rage filled than the last with a stronger craving for life-liquid and revenge. Some of us don 't even kill for the revenge the taste of battle-sweat is enough. I assume all this was the glory of king’s punishment for Cain 's actions. That we must all live out the rest of our days on earth and in hell paying for. I didn’t ask to be so angry, to always seek for revenge, to crave or the taste of feeding the eagle. To have son filled with so taste for …show more content…

Years ago I longed for companionship a bairn to call my own. So I conjured a demon that would never be worthy of my power. He gave me a son I named Grendel and after I gave birth I sent him back to burn in the house of devils. At first I thought God had taken mercy on Grendel, but the day came when his power revealed itself. He grew 80 feet tall, his skin became burnt and rough, his eardrums popped out of his ears, and his head grew 8 times bigger than what it was. Grendel’s had thirst for life-liquid and with strength stronger than 12 demons. At the moment of his rebirth, I cast a spell to never let weapons hurt him.
All preparation and I still couldn’t have prepared him for this. I taught him the best I could, but his power and strength is more than me. Grendel kills for no reason without remorse, he doesn’t seek revenge, and he only loves the kill. His rage over powers his ability to use self-control. Grendel 's swollen ear drums are sensitive to the sound of laughter and people congregating. Most tremble in his presences other will attempt to fight back, but none are strong enough to take

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