College Admissions Essay: My American Dream

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I am the oldest of three siblings, the oldest of my cousins from my maternal side, and the first from both maternal and paternal side to receive an education outside the country Nigeria, better yet the United States. It is a privilege that a few attain and for many Nigerians a dream come true. As grateful as I am, there are a lot of expectations accompanied. Although, doing what is best for me is the common mindset in today’s society, I cannot help but consider such mentality, the waste of an opportunity. For an American citizen, the future is bright and filled with potential. In this corridor of life, I have the opportunity to bring into manifestation the yet unseen beauty of my existence, which is likewise found in every individual. Honestly, …show more content…

Yes, at the school I had teachers who wanted me to succeed. However, the change began when it dawned on me that I was capable. For the remaining two years that I spent at the school, surrounding me were four very academically exceptional students in my class that I could not help but envy and wonder what it would be like to also perform at such a level. For the first time in my life, I wanted to be exceptional, I wanted to perform to the best of my abilities. Rather than settling, I began to compete with the best in my class. Many times, I would ask questions even to my unaware motivators concerning what they did to get to where they were. Grateful, the following year, I earned straight A in all my class throughout my three semesters with the exception of two B. Today, I am an aspiring medical doctor with a major in mathematics and a concentration in business. The road ahead is no walk in the park but why waste the opportunity, or settle for taking things easy. The study of human body, in particular the brain and the mechanisms of the brain that facilitates everyday conscious and subconscious activities is very interesting to me. I see this research program as an opportunity to not only improve my chances of medical school but finally participate in an actual research atmosphere, more importantly the study of the human nervous system. To be frank, I have little knowledge about the nervous

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