Personal Narrative Essay: The American Dream

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Crack, the ball ripped far into left field, I shot up from my hard plastic blue seats, Chase Utley did it again. He rounded the bases one by one and slid smoothly into second. “That’s a double for Chase Utley,” the announcer Dan Baker said, over the intercom. I sat back down to a light tap on my shoulders, I turned around. “This is my granddaughter Anya.” my grandfather told another middle-aged man. I looked up and smiled. “How do you do?” the man asked. “I’m good, how about you?” I replied. “I’m alright, where are you from?” he asked It was that question, such a simple question that means so much. I am mixed, half American, half Thai and was born in Hong Kong. By blood, I am from those places, it is my heritage, but it doesn 't necessarily mean that I have to say that I am from New Jersey, Thailand or Hong Kong. I am from New Jersey, the garden state, the place with blue skies and big yards and happy families. People call this the American dream but it is also my dream. Though I never lived there, it is my home away from home. I go back there every summer to the warm hugs of my family, and to reminisce about all the memories I made there. It is my happy place and it has everything from daily baseball games and my friends house a block away. The atmosphere makes me smile. When I go to New Jersey, I don’t look like I am from there, I look a little more Asian to the people roaming the streets, but that doesn’t matter to me. Thailand is the other half of me. I never tell

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