Puerto Rico Narrative

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Puerto Rico, the city where I was born on a February 28. The land that saw me grow up and became the person that I am today. My parents decide to name myself Shakyra Lee, pretty right? I’m 21 years old now, and this is my third year here in the US. Everything that I love my family, friends and even my boyfriend are back there, but I came here for a reason, college. When I was in high school, I always said that my dream was to attend college here in NYC. My mother made everything to make that dream come true, and here we are, all three of us my mom, my little sis and me living in the famous city of New York. Since day one I’ve been trying to accomplish that goal, to have my bachelors degree. In Puerto Rico I was on my second semester on criminal justice in the University of PR in…show more content…
Everything seems fine, they give me a tour, and I was really excited. It was until I went to advising and they made my class scheduled that they told me that my balance due…show more content…
All the friends and good and bad memories that I have are because of my job experience. While working at VIM, I started a second job at a Marshall’s store and I was attending college too. Getting that job was really difficult since that was my first fully English interview and it didn’t went bad. When I started at first, I felt a little reject from my co-workers since the majority of them are black. I remember how one of them ask me if I came in a “boat”, she really meant a “yola”. All I did was laugh, she was confused I don’t know if she said it to make fun of me, but I didn’t took it that way, I just told her how Puerto Ricans don’t need to come in “boats” because we are already “American citizens” . Now I’ve been there for a year, and it wasn’t bad I made new friends, though they’re some that still make fun of my English while they’re others that correct me and
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