Little Falls Mission Statement Analysis

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As a senior at Little Falls High School, I truly believe my time here has brought me various opportunities to succeed and accomplish goals for not only myself, but my school and community as well. The opportunities given to the body of students at Little Falls stays true to the school 's mission statement: To be educationally affective and academically effective. Personally, all of my high school achievements, activities and future goals have and will continue to represent my experience at Little Falls. The most important thing a school can provide to its students is a quality education. Especially within Little Falls High School the tools that faculty, and even other students ensure provide an environment to which anyone can thrive. Throughout my years I have achieved multiple academic awards and accolades. To get to to a point in my education where I was able to receive such great awards took serious dedication not only on my part but all the teachers as well. Learning new material in various topics does not come easy to me. I started off certain classes like geometry or spanish with no clue what I was doing and even a few bad grades in the beginning. Specifically, I failed my first geometry test with a 54 in ninth grade and that did not sit well with me and from then on Mrs. Brown took the time out her own schedule and stayed after to …show more content…

My future plans include going off to Utica College for nursing. I have known my major since I was five years old and my education that has been provided has only encouraged my decision. Even though I am going off into the medical field, my time spent playing sports, being in the drama club, national honors society, and participating in community has actually influenced my decision to do so. The mission statement to be educationally affective and academically effective has been shown through and through here at Little

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