Why I Want To Pursue My American Dream

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The United States is a land of opportunity. Immigrants, like my parents, have all dreamt of achieving their American Dream. For my Parents, part of that American Dream is for their children to graduate from a University. As the oldest child from our traditional Chinese family, I will be the first of my generation to attend college and fulfill my parents’ dreams. Although my parents set high standards, I wanted to excel beyond their expectations so that I could do well for myself and be a role model for my three younger siblings. As a result, I strived to be successful in school and to meet every challenge that arose. I was able to use this drive to fuel my ambition to strive for success in education and flourish as an individual. My personal goals influenced my attitude and shaped my preeminent study habits. I made sure to …show more content…

For the past three years, I have been open to various networks of connections through school and school clubs. For example, becoming a Key Club officer enriched my skills in communication with other students, teachers, and those in my community. By enhancing my communication skills, I have learned how to interact and work with different people to achieve a common goal. With these skills, I learned to set myself apart from the traditional standards by finding myself and developing my own unique characteristics.
High school has been an amazing opportunity for me to gain experience and grow as an individual. By learning about myself, I was able to discover my strengths in school and as a person. I developed communication skills and study tactics that I will continue to strengthen. The knowledge I have acquired through my experiences has allowed me to better myself and to develop the strength and courage to continue to reach my goals. Through perseverance, in my studies and myself, I have been able to pursue my

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