An Essay About My American Dream

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My American Dream has always been driven by success. Employment/ career, Family and community success to be more specific. The advancement of myself ,my family, and my community has always been a priority. Being that I am a Black American born in the United States my struggle to obtain the American Dream differs from most people. There are many obstacles to overcome such as racism, stereotypes and just being motivated to reach the next level in life. Personal and family success can be obtained by getting a good education and securing a good job or career. Community success takes a little longer, especially if the community has been on an economic roller coaster ride since the 1950s and 1960s. Roseland is the community in Chicago I decided to call my home. I have resided in Roseland for about two years now. Roseland is a mostly African American community and I love living around other African American families. Roseland is located far south of the loop on the edge of Lake Calumet it is bordered by Pullman and West Pullman communities. It is definitely possible to see the economic struggles of the past when walking through the Roseland neighborhood. …show more content…

The village of Roseland is 13 miles south of the loop it was settled in 1849 by Dutch families. Post World War II Roseanne became a prosperous community. New housing developments on Roseanne’s bacon edges brought a short-lived growth spurt in the 1950s and early 1960s. Changing industrial patterns led to a decline in the community’s economy. The majority of the jobs held by Roseanne’s residents were in the Pullman Car Works. Wants to Pullman car works and other industrial business started to decline and close the registers relocated to the suburbs. The Residence at the time we’re also not happy with the integration of African Americans in the Rosemont community and opted to move

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