The American Dream Argumentative Essay

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Survival is, without explanation, the most important achievement a species needs to strive and continue its existence. We all want to live a conformable life but to achieve whatever we want though our own labor and self- perseverance. That’s the classical, if sometimes idealistic, definition of the American Dream that most Americans believe in. The American Dream is the desire to achieve what you want in your life, mostly as a further pursuit for money, individual goals, and hard work. Everyone is dependent on money to safely sustain ourselves. We are all dependent on money to safely sustain ourselves. Food, transportation, electricity, medicine, etc. Cash rules everything almost every aspect of modern society These are important aspects of…show more content…
According a Point Taken-Marist Poll, sixty-nine percent of American adults nationally believe in the American Dream’s attainability. Fifty-eight percent also see it as attainable for, not only themselves, but for everyone in America (4/5: American Dream). Every American citizen has their own personal opinions and capabilities, which can change their interpretation of the American Dream. Rene Zografos, a journalist for the Huffington Post, wrote “Americans will always be dreamers, and I mean that in a very positive way because dreamers are the hard workers.” (Zografos) From some perspectives, however, you could argue the American Dream is not tangible anymore. Not everyone is able to achieve their own American Dream. Those who are often poor and disenfranchised are unlikely to reach their dreams, either because they lack the abilities and resources to or just do not know what their dream is. There is the also the fact that idealistic and grand scheming yearnings (such as “solving world hunger” or “achieving world peace”) are very complicated to achieve than smaller, if potentially myopic, yearnings. (Traub and McGhee) In order to achieve most things, however, we need to work to get
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