TED Talks: The American Dream

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The American dream is having equality, a voice to be heard and stability in one’s life. However, the American Dream is just that, a dream. It cannot be attained because of the power of our government, the ignorant minds of others and the constant want for more. What should be trivial factors in life, such as: race, gender, social class, wealth, etc., all have a significant effect on the impractical American dream. the “TED Talks” video proves this. In the video, a journalist, Courtney Martin, discusses how the American Dream changed for our generation. She believes that the newer generation’s “dream” is based on relationships, helping the community, and contentment. It is less about the financial income and more about relationships. Courtney …show more content…

Written by Thomas Jefferson, “The Declaration of Independence” explains “self evident truths”; it mentions rules or ideas that are morally right. Jefferson starts off by stating, “We hold these truths to be self- evident: -That all men are created equal…” (Jefferson). Although it should be that way, America has a long way to go before everyone is created equal. Jefferson himself rarely spoke on the issue of slavery but leaned more towards it being morally wrong; however, he was conflicted because he owned many slaves during his lifetime. Jefferson also states that if the government made a law or rule against one of our intrinsic rights then, “...it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it…” (Jefferson). There are marches, protests- both violent and peaceful-, petitions, etc. but none of it helps as much as it should. For example, there have been many marches for equality.On January 21, 2017, people from all over went with their signs to Washington DC to shed light on topics like immigrant reform, planned parenthood, healthcare reform, etc. America cannot be “free” to the full extent if our government believes that their opinions are higher or anymore important than the citizens that make the country what it …show more content…

In “The Men” by Pablo Neruda, a man coming to the United States shares his thoughts about the third world in which he lives. The speaker introduces himself as a group, “I’m Ramon Gonzalez Barbagelata from anywhere” (Neruda). The speaker is implying that he is the voice of the whole third world. This is significant because he is the advocate for many people, not just himself. While everyone in the U.S. is excited about the new year, 2000, Ramon is not. He explains why when he says, “The era’s beginning: are these ruined shacks, these poor schools, these people still in rags and tatters…” (Neruda). Ramon is suggesting that there are still many problems that he has to deal with and he sees no positive outcome for the new year. You cannot neglect third world problems; the more we ignore it, the harder it is to achieve the ultimate goal. A mother, for example, only cooking a meal for herself and not her three children as well will not reach the standard family goal: for everyone to be fed. If the United States is the mother, we should not starve our children just because our problem is solved. As long as there is selfishness, the American dream will be too far out of

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