How Has The American Dream Changed Over Time Essay

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Over the years, a dream that changed the way the world saw the U.S. was created and it is the American Dream. As the years passed and the U.S. was developing the American Dream as well developed or as many say changed. The American Dream is a term that was introduced in 1931 by James Truslow Adams in his book The Epic of America (Kamp 2). The term “American Dream” started with a meaning that was reachable: “a better, richer and happier life for all citizens of every rank”(3). Throughout the years the term`s meaning changed dramatically. In the 1980`s it changed to extreme success of wealth. Although now the American Dream has changed to the concern of wealth, it started with a happy life for all citizens. The meaning of the American Dream started out as a wealthy but happy life for every citizen of any rank. In the early 1900`s the term “American Dream” was introduced in James Truslow Adams book The Epic of America (Kamp 2). Adams states,”that life should be made richer and fuller for everyone and an opportunity remain open to all” (Kamp 4). Before the term was introduced, the Declaration of Independence Defined it as “all men are created equal… with certain …show more content…

The way that the U.S. is civilizing their way of doing many stuff was an effect on the change of the American Dreams definition. Its definition meant happiness for every citizen. As of right now it means the bigger the better will make every citizen's life happy. Wealth is the first priority today to be able to live a happy life than just having enough to live for many years. To have enough, a person should be able to work hard but not an extravagant amount of time where they won't be able to enjoy their life. The meaning of the American Dream to a normal high schooler at Ontario High School is to have enough to accomplish her dream of finishing her career to live a fulfilling

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