DBQ Essay: The American Dream

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Since the beginning of time in the United States, the idea of the American Dream has had a heavy influence on society. According to Document C, American Dream is defined as earning enough money to be happy, obtaining a worry-free lifestyle, and running in a high social circle. While working Americans still hold on to the hope of the American Dream, individuals from other countries often move to the United States with the hope that they too may have a piece of the pie. Despite the novelty and allure of the American Dream, it is nothing more than false hope. The American Dream is unachievable in the United States because no matter how hard one works or how hard one tries to save money, the American Dream is simply not accessible to those that begin with nothing. The American Dream never did exist for one group of Americans- the poor and homeless. (Document D) The American Dream is not achievable if one is already poor since they do not have anything to start them off. Janice Foster was an immigrant from a foreign country. During her time in America, Janice lost her legal documents that she needed for welfare. Shortly after, Janice’s benefits were cut off; she fell behind on rent, and evicted from her house along with her …show more content…

(Document A) Current residents also argue that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. (Document B) However, this is not true. The American Dream is not possible and cannot be attained since those who are already the less fortunate. The American Dream is only possible for those who have started off financially well with good social standings. The American Dream is not possible for those who start off with nothing because they have no way to build upon something they do not

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