To What Extent Is The American Dream Flawed

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The American Dream: Flawed
The American Dream, The one wish for everything, The wish that everyone would be provided to the, “ the Tired, the Poor, and the Huddled masses.” but in all reality it’s not like it was. As first the American Dream was that everyone would be provided access to anything they needed for anyone that needed it, nowadays it’s flawed it has gotten to the point where it’s not obtainable. Today The American Dream is more for if you can Afford the dream you can have it, nothing for the poor and the huddled masses not even the tired can. The American Dream, it’s a way for people to find peace from their troubled states. The American Dream isn’t in fact not doing its job because there are those that truly need the dream but it’s too far from anything for it being posable. …show more content…

He continues by saying, “The new American Dream is no longer about pursuing opportunity – but learning how to earn the right to both see it and seize it.Today, the real opportunities are hidden. They hide behind doors that only a combination of knowledge and wisdom can earn.” thus leading most of each of the people coming to find opportunity, instead they get a False sense of freedom and equal

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