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In this essay, Brandon King spoke about the American Dream. King portrayed the American Dream as a “land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone with opportunity for each according to ability and achievements, regardless of status or circumstances”(610). As King proceeds on, He questioned the state of the so-called " American Dream”. Some states that this dream has been long forgotten. Destroyed by the Great Recession and the economic hardship that many Americans had to face. However, others might argue that it is a trimmed down version of its former self. Instead they no longer believe in a ‘Dirt poor to filthy rich’ lifestyle rather in a more stable life. Throughout the essay, He explains his views and of the individuals who differ. …show more content…

The ideals of American Dream may have changed from those of the past however “we have adapted the values that contained within the American Dream to meet new challenges” (615). The Great Recession and other mis-fortuned have not broken the American Dream, King believes that it was “necessary and imperative”(615)indicating that a change. Today as long as people have the “potential to work for an honest, secure way of life and save for the future” (611) a better life is to come. King created a contrast in the views of liberal economists and activists, who think the American dream is dead, with facts from a survey done in 2009 by the New York Times. For example, the “survey found that 72 percent of Americans still believed it was possible to start poor, work hard, and become rich in America” (611). By doing this, he can emphasize to readers about his opinion and allow readers to think how we could improve the economy so people can have more job opportunities that will eventually lead people to the American

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