The American Dream Classified At Last Analysis

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Reaching the American Dream Everyone wishes to be successful, everyone strives for happiness. No matter what it is that you want in life, your goal is to reach the American Dream, the overall goal of everyone in the United States. The American Dream has many different definitions, it means something different to every single person. For example some of us might see the American dream as having a stable job and a family to provide for, others might see it as being able to have anything you want in life, the skies being the limit. Throughout the years the meaning of what the American Dream is has been changed and modified through their personal beliefs and goals in life. Rethinking the American Dream, an essay by David Kamp provides a perfect…show more content…
It is the land of where you have rights and hope to fulfill your dreams in a lifetime that you are given. Everyone is able to reach everything that they desire in life with the exception of being obstacles on the way. Everyone has a different background from where they come from, therefore overcoming obstacles on the way making it longer for them to reach their goals. Some obstacles might be having children and working at the same time, making money may be an issue for them. Or coming from a big family and you being the only one able to financially support them, then that can be another obstacle that might be in the way of achieving your American Dream. Depending on what your background is there can be many more obstacles that will slow you down through your journey. Some of us do believe that the American Dream is simply just a dream and not so much reality, but I disagree. The only way people see it like that is because they go through rough patches through the way and then decide to give up. It is just excuses because if you want something you can go get it. It might take longer and means you might work harder but the outcome is impeccable. I do not believe in not being able to do something or achieving something. If you want something take action for yourself don't wait for things to simply get to you the easy way. Its life and it is hard but you can do whatever it is that you want to achieve. If you want to be a millionaire by all means go for it make everything possible for you to reach your goal, it might take years even decades to achieve but it is possible.don't be discouraged by others, you do you and focus on the bigger picture. You have to have willpower and have a
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