The Upside Of Income Inequality By Bradon King

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The American Dream is a set of ideas which includes each person’s opportunity to follow their dream of achieving a future and own happiness. The meaning of success in one or other way is to be rich. Everyone wants to improve their future, America is where everyone can equally get opportunities to improve ones’ future. America gives people an opportunity to dream of bettering their lives. Many people move to America dreaming of a better future, because no matter the race, everyone is given equal opportunities. But there are many people who dream of coming to America never gets a chance. In Bradon King 2011 book, “The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold? he states that there are people who say American dead or alive, but this depends on every …show more content…

I was encouraged to take AP classes and Honors classes, which made it easy for me when I came to college. From facing many struggles and stresses like every other student, I still maintained a good GPA and ended up getting accepted to Holy Family University for the Nursing major. In Gary Becker, Kevin M. Murphy 2007 article, “The Upside of Income Inequality” in The American, they claim “Income inequality in China substantially wid­ened, particularly between households in the city and the countryside, after China began its rapid rate of economic development around 1980” (581). The economic development of China improved the lives of China’s poor but the income inequality is still wide in China. Many people are still unable to receive an education. But coming to America made me receive a higher level of education because many opportunities were ahead of me since everyone is given equal opportunities in America. In high school, taking those AP classes helped me understand the college level education. Holy Family is known for their Nursing program. Many students attend Holy Family dreaming of graduating with a good GPA and hoping to be prepared for their future jobs and goals. In the same article they say that “The growth in returns to college has generated a predictable response: as the education earnings gap increased, a larger fraction of high school graduates went on to college” (583). Many of my friends are studying different courses such as; Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, and Nursing. They all want to achieve their goals and dreams. They also claim that “As Figure 4 shows, the pro­portion of men and women ages 20 to 25 who attended college jumped by about half over the past poor ears, tracking the rise in the wage premium. When returns fell in the 1970s, the fraction going on to college declined. The rise in returns since 1980 has been accompanied by a significant rise

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