Comparing The American Dream In Nickel And Dimed

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The American Dream is it dead or alive? There are still a few people that believe the American Dream is still alive and is still achievable. Others think it is dead and is a thing of the past. Some believe the American Dream is having a successful job and being financially stable and living in a well furnished house. Some would say that is not possible to achieve the American Dream from coming from a poor upbringing. A writer named Barbara Ehrenreich states it is impossible to go from being poor and living paycheck to paycheck to being successful and having a good well paying job. There is another author who thinks the American Dream is alive and can be achieved and his name was Adam Shepard. He believes it is possible to go from nothing to having a job and a home that is fully furnished with a well paying job.The American Dream is when a person has a successful job that pays well with a good home that is well furnished and in a good neighborhood. They say that American Dream is achievable for those who work hard and have a positive mindset. The American Dream is dead and cannot be achieved because people don’t have the right upbringing and getting out of poverty is difficult and somewhat impossible. One of the most common arguments that people state why the American Dream can’t be achieved is because people who are poor can’t get out of there situations. In a book titled “Nickel and Dimed” by Barbara Ehrenreich she states “When someone works for less pay than …show more content…

According to “ In 2014, only half of 30-year-olds could say the same. The slowdown in mobility shows up in all 50 states and is true across the income spectrum. The biggest declines were among the children of middle-class families” (Casslem). This is a good point because kids can’t go very far if they can’t if there parents can’t make money and help them go somewhere in the

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