The American Dream: The Key To Happiness

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The American Dream: Happiness The key to achieving the American dream is to live life happy. No matter if it is happiness with money, love, freedom, or safety all people deserve the American dream. Everyone has their own way of pursuing an "American dream". Many immigrants have come to America to pursue that dream. The American dream is always an opportunity for anyone in this world, but the way they you achieve the dream is what really matters. Anyone seeking the American dream has a lot of work on their hands. Some people want this dream because in their own country they do not have safety or freedom. Some people also wants this dream because in their lives they do not have happiness, so they look towards this "dream" to help them financially. …show more content…

There is no person telling them that they cannot work here or they cannot live here in America. Freedom is a big key to happiness, because when freedom is available the people make their own choices, and usually the choices they make are made to make themselves happy. In a place where freedom is not available it is hard to have happiness. Being free is also a great way to be happy for some people. America has always been known for its’ freedom and all of the easy ways there are to achieve happiness. The American dream is not having all the money in the world, or being a millionaire, it is simply being happy. The American dream is easily achieved, and the American dream can be achieved by …show more content…

Most people believe that the American dream is making six plus figures, living in a mansion, driving a Corvette, but actually it is just being happy with their own life. Everyone wants a dream where they are happy, because any other dream would be a nightmare. Being happy is also another way to succeed in life, so if anyone thinks the American dream is being successful then be happy, and then they have the American dream. The American dream will always tie in with happiness. If the people are not happy then they do not have the American dream. Just like if they are not safe then the people are not happy, therefore they do not have the American

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