The American Dream In Roberto Acuna Talks About Farm Workers

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The American dream is not as easy as people say it is. The American Dream is being able to afford the necessities you need, without having to struggle and suffer just to put food on a table for their families. People think it’s easy to live the American Dream, but little do they know that there are people out there struggling to support their family. The American Dream is difficult to achieve but very possible if people could find the opportunity and available to them. The American Dream is difficult to achieve because of the bad working conditions that can kill their workers. In “Roberto Acuna Talks About Farm Workers.” by Studs Terkel he talks about how bad farm working conditions are. ‘Illness in the fields is 120% higher than the average rate for industry. It’s mostly back trouble, rheumatism, and arthritis because of damp weather.’Workers are out all day suffering from back …show more content…

‘My Father comes of a small hell where bread and man have been kneaded and baked together.’The father is on his knees working just to support him and his son. The father is struggling just to feed his son and put clothes on his back. In “All Roads Led to Poly for Principle Bennett” by Karina Avila and Kate Martinez, they revealed Principle Bennetts past. “ He observed privileged yet average “C” student students easily pass standardized tests and be accepted into colleges, while the poor students, no matter how hard they worked lacked the resources.’ students would try their hardest but still wouldn 't get acknowledged for the hard work they’ve overcome. Now they have to struggle to find a job that at least pays good money to support a family. People are suffering just to support their family and have the necessities they need. No matter how hard they try to succeed, it’s not good

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