True Immigrant Stories: Tanya At Ellis Island

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The American Dream, what is it? How do we reach it? Can anyone, even the poor, reach it? The American dream can differ between living a successful life, having children, having money, or even all of the above. It all depends on the goals and preferences of an individual and what they see as their own “American Dream.” I think the American Dream isn’t so much provided, but “the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses” are given the opportunities to reach it. Just depends on if they are willing to try hard enough to do so. For one to reach their own American Dream, they have to work hard and never give up. For example, homeless people lost their jobs and home so they live out on the streets. They could either give up and live homeless forever, or go out and look for…show more content…
All starting from only twenty-five dollars. In “True Immigrant Stories: Tanya at Ellis Island” by Vince Parrillo, Tanya was just a little girl when she first came to America. She went through a lot of hardship including almost losing her parents forever. But, she was able to overcome it and kept moving forward, went on to live a successful life and her kids did as well. One cannot just give up in America.Giving up and not trying is when things go downhill. Finding a goal or truly trying to live at the best standard, will help in reaching the American dream. To fulfill an individual's “American Dream,” they must be confident in that goal. The American dream isn’t just handed to us, must work hard for what is wanted to be reached. Confidence in succeeding is key to reaching it. “I am the young man, full of strength and hope…” (“Let America be America Again” by Langston Hughes). To have confidence is to show that the American dream is alive but is in need to be reached by working hard and never giving up. In “Of Mice and Men,” Lennie has always looked forward to the future and always knew they [Lennie and George] would reach their own American
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