American Dream Speech

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The American Dream is different now than it was 60 years ago, things change and people change. The American Dream is considered “the ideas of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available to every American” according to Websters dictionary, it’s also happiness and comfort to each and every individual, according to me. Key aspects of the American Dream today are happiness, opportunity, and freedom to be yourself or to do what you believe in, but not everyone can and most will not achieve this dream. Many things are put into to play to bring someone down or stop them dead in their path. Some will succeed at the American Dream but most will not, you can choose your outcome; now are you choosing to continue on or are you …show more content…

Daisy not being with the first person she loved because he didn’t have enough money then watching him leave. Tom losing his wife to someone he has no chance with. George marrying a woman who cheated on him then watching her die. Myrtle continuing on a relationship even though it wasn’t right then running in front of a car. In my opinion the American Dream does not exist it is merely a figment of our imagination, a figment of every human being to ever have thoughts imagination. This figment of our imagination is also not fair, it gives false hope. Yes, there are many people who are happy and completely content with their life; even though there are many they are hard to come by. Many people in today’s society are damaged, the society that they have grown up in and have deemed fit and okay for themselves is really not okay. Everyone has different views on the topic of the American Dream but I do not think anyone is really living it. Someone can be happy but not content or content but not happy, they could even be both but that in my eyes is considered reality, not a

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