American Dream Definition Essay

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I Have a Dream
The American dream has always been a staple of the American culture. When people speak of it, they say that the American dream, “is going from dirt poor to filthy rich and becoming more than you could have ever imagined” (They Say pg.611). It is where every citizen of the United States of America has the opportunity of its achievements no matter where they stand or what prejudices they may face. My definition of the American dream is basically the ideal life in America today. That is having a family/getting married-where both people work so there is no struggle, having material possessions, and being better than what you are now.
However, in a failing economy today where people are having trouble making an ends meet, “never again will 18-year-olds graduate directly from high school to jobs that will pay well enough to buy a house and support a family” (They Say pg.554). Many people believe that having a bad start can ruin your chances for life. If the government would intervene, we could have more employment in bigger corporations. The government would have to establish a relationship with bigger businesses as to expand them to make more room for more workers. Instead, bigger businesses outsource their jobs in …show more content…

This dream we all know of is not an illusion but a reality, all we got to do is work for it. My parents both had to work their way from the bottom to live well enough in a trailer house. To eventually buying a bigger house and owning a car or two. Despite not having as many material possessions as other people, my parents still had everything they needed to take care of themselves and three children. Thanks to my parents hard work I was still able to receive an education, have a place to live, and the necessities to one day make my own American dream a

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