American Dream Dbq

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The "American Dream" has been essential to American history and culture. Scott Fitzgeralds' novel “The Great Gatsby” is important to this representation. However, the perspective of the "American Dream" has changed, and the importance of analyzing the vision of Fitzgerald's novel and the current principles of the American Dream is crucial to see if they are similar or different. The “American Dream” can be defined in multiple ways, but it can commonly be associated with pursuing happiness and financial freedom. It has been an inspiration for millions of Americans who emigrated to this country seeking freedom or a better life. However, recent studies and research have put the question of whether or not the American dream truly is alive and attainable …show more content…

Source A argues that the American Dream is still a powerful ideal that inspires and motivates Americans. The article cites statistics showing that most Americans still believe in the American Dream and see it as a crucial aspect of the national identity. The American Dream has always been an essential part of American culture. It continues to be a source of inspiration and motivation for many Americans, even though it has become increasingly challenging to achieve. Source B argues that the new American Dream is about finding purpose and fulfillment in one's life rather than accumulating wealth. The article highlights the growing trend of Americans prioritizing personal growth and well-being over material possessions. While pursuing material wealth and social status remains a significant aspect of the American Dream, the growing trend of Americans prioritizing personal growth and well-being shows that the ideal is evolving and adapting to changing societal values. Some may argue that the American Dream is an outdated and unrealistic ideal that is no longer relevant in today's world. However, the enduring popularity of the American Dream and its continued relevance in American culture and identity shows that it remains a crucial aspect of the American experience. The American Dream is an inclusive ideal that should be accessible to all Americans, regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic background. Source C argues that the American Dream should be a promise of equal opportunity for all and that the current economic and social conditions have made it increasingly difficult for many Americans to achieve

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