American Dream Dbq

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What is considered the American Dream? The American dream is the belief that anyone, regardless of race, gender, or nationality, can be successful in America if they just work hard enough. With numerous changes occurring in the economy, people struggle to live their daily lives. Everyone is allowed to have The American Dream, but achieving it is a different story. The issue is people are still holding on to the American Dream. Fitzgerald's interpretation of the American Dream in the fictional novel The Great Gatsby is different from today's ideals due to people struggling financially, lack of acceptance, people losing hope, gender inequalities, and the cost of living increasing. People worry about their financial state because of their yearly …show more content…

For example (Source A) explains that Gatsby was able to gain his riches and wealth. Although he was able to achieve his riches it’s not that simple in today’s economy. This means that Fitzgerald’s idea of the American Dream does not correlate with the reality of today’s financial struggles. Various individuals face difficulties living in America to keep up with the financial requirements. Statistics show in (Source E) that more than 59% of people think The American Dream is unattainable. This means that people have a realistic view of living in this country. Not only does it reflect false hope, but it gives the audience a better understanding of how little hope people have in the American Dream. Others might argue that the American Dream is attainable, but according to (Source E) people are not so sure about that. A great deal of adults are not satisfied with their lives due to their low …show more content…

For instance, in (Source A) Dr. Anna Wulick claims that Gatsby’s ultimate goal was being with Daisy. Meanwhile, Daisy was forced into marriage with Tom. This indicates that women back then were treated as mere objects and were only there to forge men’s satisfactions, completely disregarding their dreams. In The Great Gatsby Daisy’s only desire was to live a life of luxury. She had no desire in raising her children, instead, she was viewed as a selfish woman who only saw her children as accessories. This means that women back then were just focused on their social status and riches rather than trying to raise a family. Various women valued money more than anything and would do anything to achieve it. Although Daisy had selfish desires, in today’s society women work for themselves, not needing a man to help them be financially

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