Alice Walker's The Color Purple

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What inspired your writing? My independent book, the Great Gatsby, and my grandparents inspired my writing. My independent book, The Color Purple, was a personal story of a young girl where she was able to find, throughout her life, confidence and her self worth. She stands up for herself and other women, by changing her life by becoming more independent. The Great Gatsby, also inspired my writing because it showed how different people viewed the American dream, and it did not have a set definition. Lastly my grandparents inspired my writing because they moved to America when they were younger. They saw America as a new opportunity to live a successful life, but the term, “American Dream” was only a motivator for an ideal life.
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Generation after generation, individuals and families come to America in the hope of a successful and content life. Everyone has goals that they wish to accomplish, and their ideas fall under the American dream. The American dream is achieved by working hard to accomplish the ideal future someone wishes to have. There is no definite definition of the American dream because everyone has different opinions and beliefs on what they believe to be their ideal future. This dream many people have presents a pretty view of American society that ignores problems such as racism, discrimination, and income inequality. By taking away these problems, the American dream becomes expansive in its own right by portraying only what is possible. The American dream is viewed as a image of a perfect life, where anybody can achieve greatness if they work hard enough for

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