Research Paper On The American Dream

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America: The land of the free and the hope for a better life. Everyday there is something new to explore; there is something new to achieve. As Americans, we are granted the chance to live in a land where anything and everything is possible. The horizon has no limits nor does the sky. All of this can be easily outlined in a single, famous term known by people all across the world: The American Dream. A term first introduced by a man named James Truslow Adams, has become the fundamental vision of the American people as a whole. Sadly, this concept seems to slipping from our fingertips. I believe the American dream is being ran over by laziness and the idea that the American dream is the equivalent to ultimate success. The American dream still takes residence in many hearts across the nation, but I believe we are not making full use of the opportunity we have been given. The word success is such a promising word. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel; it appears as a seemingly endless journey that everyone is trying to finish. Many associate the American dream with guaranteed success. What many fail to see is what the American dream really is. The American dream is not the …show more content…

In Martin C. Jischke’s speech on the American dream he says “I believe the American dream is the opportunity to live in a nation in which diversity is celebrated as the source of strength and beauty” (Jischke, pg. 75). The American dream gives a person the job, but it’s up to the individual to do the work. What a lot of people don’t seem to see is how good we have it in America. There are millions of people who will never get the opportunity to show how much they are willing to work or how hard they are willing to work to succeed. It is crucial that, as Americans, we recognize what we have so that it does not become abused. The American dream is something that needs to be preserved for generations to

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