Personal Narrative: Laredo

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was born in a small town in Texas known as Laredo. It was a poor city and was basically the border town to Mexico, it was always a mess, always hot, and only snowed once in 2002. Even though the city I was born in was harsh place, I had a great family that raised me well and taught me how to be respectful to my elders. Home was always different, every 2 to 3 years we always moved around so I really didn’t have many friends, until I moved to San Antonio is where I found a great home in 2007, the neighborhood was filled with nice people and each house actually had a lawn and not just broken cars or dried dirt in the front porches. The community was fantastic as well, the people and atmosphere we lived in when we moved to San Antonio was so much better than Laredo because people were actually nice to you and everyone didn’t look like they were going to cause trouble.
All of the time I lived in Laredo and in San Antonio has changed me, when in laredo, I hardly had any friends because I kept moving from school to school and house to house, then it all changed when my family and I moved here to San Antonio, we found a wonderful house with good schools and …show more content…

Well, now you know my story, so I am basically not afraid to meet new people and don’t mind trying new things.
My goal is to join the Navy and have an engineering career both on and off duty, and since the Navy travels a lot, I wouldn’t mind moving because I’m already used to moving from house to house so moving state to state or nation to nation, wouldn’t be a problem, all the things I experienced made me prepared for this, my

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