Personal Narrative: Little Rock

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I had no idea about what I was going to find in Little Rock. First of all, I have been enjoying my groups company, I feel that we’re more close and united after that trip. Therefore, I liked a lot traveling there with them and I also adored the highway. It’s wonderful to admire nature while you are on the road, it reminded me some speedways in Mexico.

For me, one of the most interesting places there was High Central. It was very touchy (and I even wanted to cry) when the guide in the school was explaining the history and details of the place. Everything I saw there, photos, videos, quotes and newspaper articles, were impressive because I could image myself living the situation. When I was reflecting about it, I could realize how a small demonstration of bravery can change the world. Education is essential for the human being that is why the courage and determination of the people, as the little nine, could change the history no only of a nation but the world. …show more content…

I said this because I’ve dreamt about helping and doing changes in my school but sometimes I just can do nothing because of the rules and the educational system. Even if I love my job, I’ve got discouraged for these reasons…What should I do? I’m not the wonder woman, should I resist even adversity? or join the enemy? Will I someday get the bravery of Elizabeth Eckford for defending my position? Let’s see, maybe a surprise happen when I’ll come back to Mexico and apply all this experience I’ve been

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