What Does The American Dream Mean To Me Essay

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“The American Dream is about freedom.” Stated (Nancy Pelosi). (1) If asked to define the American Dream each individual person may define the meaning in different ways, depending on their financial statues, or if they were born in America or not. When I am asked what The American Dream means to me, I envision a well founded system which represents freedom of choice, opportunity, and growth for all American citizens. No matter what the answer is to each individual, all can agree on some point that it means hope for a better life and better things to come. In this essay I will be discussing the two most important aspects of what I believe the American dream means which is the economy, and education and what those aspects mean to other …show more content…

exporters are small and medium- sized businesses, and they account for one third of U.S merchandise exports. (3,4) Having home based exporting is one of the major benefits in fueling the American economy in the right direction by increasing home made products to its citizens, and going hand in hand with job opportunities for American families. In the past years American exporting wasn’t as broad as it is now today, and I believe that U.S exporting will continue to grow and prosper. Thanks to small businesses we can all continue to see growth within our country. Being an entrepreneur in America is not easy but it comes with hard work, dedication, drive, and the motivation to make the American Dream a reality not just for oneself but for all U.S citizens. Therefore, anyone can achieve the American Dream if they believed in themselves, and put their mind to it; and don’t accomplish the dream for others but yourself. As Ralph Waldo Emerson stated in his book, Self Reliance and Other Essays “ if we live truly, we shall see truly” (Emerson 29). Education is another great aspect of the American Dream. Education for American citizens have been ever expanding. More and more Americans are

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