American Dream Is Achievable For All Essay

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The American Dream Is Achievable For All (?) Is the American Dream genuinely available everyone? It is definitely achievable for some people, but not everyone. The American dream is mainly available to native-born Americans. If someone is poor and works their whole life they might be able to earn a bit of money to buy some food as well as new clothes. People may say, “if they work hard and acquire jobs and save up they’ll be able to achieve whatever their definition of the American Dream is.” That is not the case for most people though. Some people work about 3 jobs a day, but still are unable to get off of the streets. The money they do earn goes to buying food rather than inside their piggy banks. We should also take into consideration the immigrants. How long is the waiting list? How much does a visa cost? What is the reason they are coming to the states? If we deport them, what would …show more content…

How can one be happy if they are living out on the streets with no money and no way to attain a job? If they have no way to buy nice clothes for a job interview, how is that person able to achieve their American Dream? If a parent is poor and they have a child, then that child will most likely be poor their whole lives as well. In the article “The American Dream Is Dead: Here’s Where It Went” by Adele Peters says, “inequality for parents translates directly to inequality for their kids.” So working strenuous and saving up money is not going to do much for the children. Another thing people say, “it is the person’s fault for being poor” and “don’t help them out.” Well, in a podcast I listened to, it talked about Benjamin Franklin’s sister and how she was poor her whole life. She was forced into a marriage with a sick guy and had kids who also wound up sick. She worked so hard to get herself out of poverty and failed to do

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