What Does The American Dream Mean To Me Essay

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The internet defines the American dream as; "The ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative." I believe that is a good definition of the American Dream and pretty similar to my definition that I will tell you later in this essay. Now that you know the "Dictionary definition" of the American dream, I will share my understanding and definition of what the American dream is to me. The American dream is, striving to be your best, and working hard to be your best, having your dream job, dream home and dream life and providing for your family and living, what you believe, is the best life you could live. Everyone's version of the American dream is not exactly the same. To some people it could mean having the nicest house, the nicest cars, and the most expensive things and being well known and rich, but to others it could mean living a happy and healthy life with an average home but a great job you love to do with a wonderful family and not needing to be well known and rich, as long as you have a happy and healthy family and you enjoy your life. It's okay to have your own version of the American Dream, even if it is less than someone else's, as long as your are happy with it. …show more content…

If my family is happy and healthy and have good lives that is also part of the dream. If I have a nice house, not the biggest most expensive, but one that I love to come home to every day and a house my family likes too, that is also part of the dream. My American dream isn't all about having the most expensive home, nicest cars, or best paying job that I might not even like, it is much more than that. It is about the little things that I appreciate every day of my life, and that I am forever grateful

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