Sexism In The Great Gatsby

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In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald portrays Myrtle and Daisy as minorities to Tom, this idea of women has changed because women have more rights and opportunities now. Women were considered a minority group because they didn’t share the same power, privileges, rights, and opportunities as men. This idea caused a lot of sexism because men thought they were better than women in multiple ways. It was also normalized that women were a minority group. This caused women to be treated as second-class citizens and it also caused major uprisings for women’s rights in the United States. When Fitzgerald was alive women were viewed as servants to their husbands and they didn’t have rights as a citizen of the United States. Women also stayed at home and …show more content…

Many people have the American dream as a goal because it means that you have made it in America. People want as much money as they can get and want it as easily as possible. Not many people realize that “It involves hard work, financial security, career success, and confidence that each new generation will be better off than the one before it,” (Lopez). The American dream is extremely hard to achieve because it is different for everyone. For some people, the American dream doesn’t include having as much money as possible. Even when people get to their American dream, they usually aren’t happy when they get there. This is because it takes so much work and time to get where you want to be. Fitzgerald related Gatsby to this idea because Gatsby wasn’t happy when he reached the American dream. He was always wanting more and was never satisfied with his life. Gatsby also set a lot of goals to get where he wanted to be. This relates to, “Americans setting life milestones as a part of attaining the dream: graduating from college, owning a home, raising a family, and giving your kids a life that’s better than your own,” (Lopez). Gatsby’s American dream was to be rich and maintain a higher social status. Gatsby was able to reach the milestones he set to get to that point, but he ended up not being happy with his life because he couldn’t win Daisy over. Daisy was …show more content…

One example of women gaining rights is the passage of Title IX. This is an amendment that prohibits discrimination based on sex in education programs and activities. This, “remade sports and education. Female athletes in college could suddenly get scholarships. Colleges and high schools began offering sports to women and girls,” (Curran). Women's rights have changed for the better and it allows women to have more opportunities. Women are now able to get scholarships and are offered the opportunity to play sports, just like men. This relates to Fitzgerald because he mentioned that women were treated unfairly and was hoping it would be fixed. Another example of women's freedom changing for the better is the American national government body, the USSF, which is going to pay women and men equally. “The USSF will now pay members of its men's and women's teams equally. The USSF is the first soccer federation in the world to promise both sexes matching money,” (Equalizes Pay). Women are starting to become equal to men in sports which is something that Fitzgerald wanted to happen. He wrote about women being minorities because he was hoping people would realize it and change their views. His writing had an impact on how people viewed the world and

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