Moving To High School-Personal Narrative

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When I was younger, I thought that I would live in the same place forever. I thought that I would have the same friends forever, and that nothing would ever happen in my life to change that. It turns out that not only was I completely wrong, but I was also wrong in the sense that what one has previously experienced, will be better than one’s experiences in the future. Entering high school, I thought my life was all set. I was set to attend the prestigious contemporary global issues program at Freehold Township High School, which also happened to be the school that all of my friends were attending. I expected to have a great 4 years of high school where I was entered in a program focused on academic subjects that I enjoy and excel in. While I may have liked the prospects of my potential destination, my parents decided that it was time for my family to move a distant 20 minutes away from the only place that I had ever lived. The whole idea of moving blindsided me. My only true knowledge of how life changing moving could be was seeing other people come and go in my school district for nine years. I saw that the people that left were forgotten about after a period of time, and for the new people that moved in, it was a struggle for them to find friends, and adapt to their new school. Upon hearing that I was going to move, I was worried …show more content…

Attending a high school with such a high level of academic rigor has previewed the amount of dedication that is required for me to succeed in college. Moving to a new place came with its struggles, but now that I have already experienced those struggles once, I won’t have any to make the transition this time. My entire high school experience has set me up to be prepared for and successful in college, and I am confident that in college I will only continue to improve as a student without any troubles along the

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