Personal Narrative: A Child Before Temple University

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In my life, I would be certain to say that I was two distinct people; a child before Temple University, and an individual afterwards. In the years since my graduation, I enjoy reminiscing on those long past days. I was lazy, meek, I had no motivation to do anything and lacked the skills as well. Truly I was going nowhere, until I received a letter in the mail for an application I had completely forgotten about. I was accepted into University, an implausible thought to my young self.I was ecstatic, unable to process what had happened to me. The next few months were electric, I rushed to make every arrangement I would need to attend this school. It was the start of my metamorphosis into the unique person I would become. College was a breath of new life blown into my lungs, filling my body with the desire to shed who I was and become something representative of what I was taught. In the years since I entered school, to the moment that my cap left my hand, I had grown into an entirely new version of myself. The freedom of college in combination with the guidance of so many teachers had led me to turn every negative aspect of myself into something new. With the pride I had gained in being part of something bigger, I became diligent and wholly interested in my studies. I had met so many interesting people who helped me break from my shell, and in doing so I had met some of the greatest friends I have ever had. However, in the scale of my life, these events are of little importance to me in everyday life. Instead, …show more content…

Everything I have been able to achieve was thanks to the decision I made in early fall ten years ago. The shy, depressed child I had once been is now just a distant memory, giving way to the person Temple University had helped me reveal. For this, I am eternally thankful, and I do not believe I could do anything to truly pay it

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