Personal Narrative: Emerson Middle School

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As a young aspiring musician in middle school, I wanted to start a band desperately. Instead, I was known as Emerson Middle School 's’ music freak. I posted flyers in businesses around my hometown and online ads. I wanted to be like Amy Lee from Evanescence terribly, but my taste in music was different than most people. When my fellow classmates heard about my compositions and ideas, they thought it was a joke. At first when my classmates told me that they wanted to be in my band, I was overjoyed. I thought that I would be able to have a group to perform and collaborate with in compositions. After a month, my classmates told me it was a joke, and they thought I knew about it. I was heartbroken, but I knew that I needed to be in an environment…show more content…
I still have the dream of being able to have my own group of musicians to collaborate with. At my community college, I have had most of my training with classical music. Recently, I have been accepted as an associate member of the Musicians Club of Women and the American Opera Society of Chicago. I had the opportunity to meet many talented musicians and receive wisdom from them. Also, I have been able to get to know performers from the Chicago area by being a student at The Second City. If accepted, I would be an active student, just like I am at Oakton Community College. I am currently involved with Oakton Visual Organization, Musicians Club, Phi Theta Kappa, UNICEF and Honors Student Organization. I would like to continue all of these opportunities for involvement , especially music and vocal opportunities on campus at Columbia .I am also involved with the Choir and Vocal programs what is unique about these two programs at Oakton is the opportunity to perform and grow as a musician. I am transferring because I’m pursuing my lifelong dream of living a life filled with music. I wish to achieve the most out of Columbia College’s Voice Performance Program as a music major and educator. I am a curious individual who is able to work and engage in discussions with a various multitude of people diverse backgrounds am looking to expand with different genres and perform at many different
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