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When I was was younger, I was a caterpillar crawling around trying to get through life, waiting to turn into the beautiful butterfly I know I could soon become. I made good decisions along with bad ones, saw the beauty in life as well as the unpleasant. I was like everyone else trying to be their own person, but now as I look at myself in the mirror I can finally see who I really am. I see myself as the beautiful butterfly I once dreamed of becoming, ready to fly down my own path. I have been in my chrysalis and I am finally out and ready to fly into my bright future. Christopher Newport University is the direction I am ready to fly. Transferring to CNU means a brighter future, success, and being one step closer to reaching my goal to become an astonishing kindergarten teacher. …show more content…

I had ideas, but I didn’t have anything I was extremely passionate about yet. My junior year, while I was going through a rough patch in my life, I started to work at a daycare to get my mind off things and make a couple extra dollars. After only a couple shifts at the daycare, my passion was incredibly clear… teaching children. I was able to help children who needed me and it made me feel an incredible sense of worth at a time when I felt worthless. The way their problems were so small, the way they smile endlessly, and the way they were so innocent and untouched by the troubles of the world made me want to always be around them. Attending CNU means I will have the opportunity to be apart of an amazing teaching program, the Bachelor to Master’s 5 Year Degree program, which will lead me to acquire my Masters of Arts in teaching and point me in the direction of an immensely bright future and help construct me into the amazing and successful teacher I aspire to

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